About Me: Founder & Owner of Sable Satin Moon

About Me: Founder & Owner of Sable Satin Moon

Hello to everyone who was kind enough to visit my page! I figured as my shop starts to grow and I gain new followers, it would be a good idea to introduce myself and what my store is all about. Lets start from the beginning:


I was born and raised in small town Central NY. No, not the city. Think 5 feet of snow in the winter, and the overpowering smell of manure coursing through the streets during the summer.

At the age of 19 I made one of the best/worst decisions of my life, depending on who you ask....I joined the United States Marine Corps. and served active duty for four years. I was blessed to go on many all-inclusive vacations and travel all over the world (heavy sarcasm here, but still grateful!). A few years later I went on to earn a Bachelors degree in Geography/Geoscience! I am mildly obsessed with the earth, plants, big storms and any sort of rock/crystal. I am 100% one of those people who will take a cool rock home with me every time. However, the closest I have got to actually using any bit of my degree is when I'm looking for the perfect crystals to add to my shop...


I now reside in Ohio and during my "free time" I am a full time animal momma to 5 dogs, 2 large rabbits, a sun conure and a horse! Thankfully I have an extra pair of hands to help with our animal cornucopia and all it encompasses (which is a lot), my main man Jon! I very much value a sufficient work/life balance and prioritize my mental health above all, which ultimately led to me resigning my last position. I had reached my limit (which is a complete understatement...) and decided I would rather attempt my dream and fail, than stay at a shitty job and always wonder what could have been. I know many people would kill to be in my position, and I try my best to remain humble and grateful for the way things have turned out for me. From there I started Sable Satin Moon Shop!

The start of a business:

Starting a new business is scary as hell! I officially launched in November, 2021 after a few months of stressing. What if I put all this money into it and it doesn't pay off? What if people don't like my products? How will I handle criticism from absolute strangers? It was almost enough to convince myself to not take the leap...but I managed to make it through (with some positive reinforcement from others). Now its, what if I make a profit this year?! What if 100 people were to like my product?! Who knew complete strangers would be so kind and endearing?! Holy crap I am up to 650+ followers now! 650+ people like my shop!? It is truly surreal to look back a few months and compare that to where I am now in my business, and how much my mindset changed from "What if I fail?" to "What if my business blows up and I do great?!) I wanted Sable Satin Moon to reflect a bit of my aesthetic, and mimic some of my practices but still be appealing to the masses. At first I designed a very generic and "safe" website, but was not fully content with it. Then I thought of a few social media accounts that I idolize and considered why I liked them so much... Its because they were genuine, original and unique. They represent their own style and it is refreshing to see. From there the new and improved Sable Satin Moon Shop came to life!

Sable Satin Moon Shop:

I make an effort to include items that are special to me, but also capture the interest of my buyers. I LOVE one of a kind items like the various crystal pieces I have currently. You wont find another one exactly like it which makes it feel a little bit magical to own the only one on earth! I also try my best to keep eco-friendly practices and reuse and recycle as much as I can (boxes, wrapping paper, twine, etc.). So if your item arrives in an Earl Grey tea box...that's why! I also really enjoy supporting other small/handcrafted businesses with practices similar to my own such as Goldilocks Goods (beeswax food wraps-reduces plastic use!), Ahmolli Soap Company (organic & vegan soap-smells amazing!) and Sister Bees (bee food-save the bees!) just to name a few! It is incredibly rewarding to sell my own items as well as be able to support other businesses with equally incredible products!

Thank you for your Support:

To wrap up this very lengthy introduction, I want to thank every single person that has taken time out of their day to support my shop (likes, comments, shares, positive messages & purchases)…I am forever grateful.


You didn't think I would talk about my life without including more pictures did you?

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