Dollhouse- Work In Progress! Pt. 3

Dollhouse- Work In Progress! Pt. 3

Second & third floor construction has begun!  I originally intended to construct only two stories, but could not resist making an attic and got a little carried away when it came to building the middle tower...

When I constructed the first floor, I gave myself a little slack with the chip board so that I could fold it over and provide some durability for my next has held so far (fingers crossed...). Everything up to this point has been constructed using hot glue and black cardstock to keep the corners together. Once I started, I didn't want to lose my ideas and managed to complete 90% of the frame in one night. 
There she is! I am still missing half of the top, but ran out of chipboard and had to order more. Here is the rough plan for what each space will be:
Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to restock my supplies relatively quick and finished the frame. The top of the tower has been closed off and the other side of the attic constructed. Next, we will begin adding exterior details; the rest of the small roofs, a wrap around porch, some siding and maybe a cool window for the top of the tower!?
Coming up next- sneak peak!!!
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Love the way the dollhouse is looking….keep up the great work!❤❤

Faith McLeod

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