Dollhouse- Work In Progress! Pt. 5

Dollhouse- Work In Progress! Pt. 5

Hello All!

It has been 8 weeks since my last dollhouse update...because that's literally how long it took me to complete the finishing details of the popsicle stick exterior, decide on a paint color and allow my 2nd degree hot glue gun burns to heal....


It may not seem like a lot of work, and I definitely did not anticipate how much time finishing details would take, but it felt like the most extensive process thus far. Something about trying to get a popsicle dollhouse made to perfection is not easy or quick. Half of the popsicle sticks came crooked/disproportionate which left a lot of gaps which I had to fill with wood filler. The entire house had to be sanded down to remove leftover wood filler as well as the never ending hot glue gun strings. Once I had finished all the little details, it was such a relief. I was content with how everything looked and was ready to finally paint! 

  I had originally intended to paint the exterior a distressed white like a classic old Victorian house...and I did exactly that....and hated it! It just didn't turn out to be the look I was wanting. I had already spent countless hours constructing a unique foundation, I wanted the paint job to match. I decided that I wanted a type of ruby/burgundy color with black accents, but it took a couple tries to get it right as I was mixing my own paints. I did not want a pink, and I did want a basic red and black. Thankfully I managed to concoct the perfect color!....But not before an incredibly repulsive failed attempt that looked like the color of a chewed up cherry Tootsie Pop...

Exhibit A:

After a number of disgusting glares and discontent with the color (and a new hatred for cherry Tootsie Pops), I bought some fresh paint colors and mixed up the perfect ruby/burgundy! I let the paint dry and went through and fixed all cosmetic errors that the paint enhanced (gaps, leftover glue, etc.). Added a final coat of paint, installed some shutters and then coated the trim in black. If you have a keen eye, you probably noticed the roof is not the same color as the first attempt either. It seemed too "cool" a tone for this deep shade of wine so I decided to mix the original brown paint, a tiny bit of the wine red color and a metallic gold which made the perfect shiny copper color with a hint of red! 

Here she is!!

Installed a cool porch too!

 Up next is the part I've been the most excited for....the interior design! I intend to make all the furniture myself (which should be interesting) and would like to incorporate a variety of themes in each room (cottagecore, steampunk, farmhouse, boho, etc.). If you have any inspiration images, send them my way!!

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